FAQ's for Inner Circle

Program starts the Monday after you sign up!

Q:  When does the program begin and how long does it last?

A: Your program will begin the Monday after you sign up. Inner Circle lasts through mid December 2018. Please join with the intention of staying in the program all year. HOWEVER, you may drop the program if it's no longer serving you. Simply send us a note before the next month. 

By the way, this isn't a program you will sign up for and then 'forget' about or put on the shelf. Since you'll be in touch with your coach each week (via email), you'll know if it's working for you or not. Give it a go for at least a month and see how you feel about it. If you love it, stay in. If you don't, you may cancel. In past years, over 85% of participants remained in the program for the entire year. 


Q:  How do I sign up?



Q:  What will I get each week and what's expected of me?

A: You will receive 4 weeks of coaching each month, delivered online (articles and exercises written by Kristin) and through one-on-one emails with Coach Kristin. You'll need at least 30 mins - 1 hour per week to work through the program and you may divide it up into 15 minute chunks. 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there will absolutely work. Most of this time will be spent doing specific action items related to your unique goals. 

Phase One:  During the first two weeks of the program, there will be daily (M-F) emails designed to help you clarify and write down your goals for the year.  Some people work through the exercises each day and many others sit down once, over a weekend, to knock it out. Either approach will work. Doing all of the assignments during phase one is REQUIRED to move into phase two. At the end of the two weeks, you will send a final list of goals to Kristin so we'll know you are ready and focused!

Phase Two:  After you've defined your goals for the year, you will begin taking action on them through small (or big) steps each week. You will report in to Coach Kristin (through email) every Sunday or Monday to plan your week and discuss results and challenges from the previous week. You must check in at least 2 times each month to remain in the program.  This will be easy for you to do since most clients check in 4 times a month (weekly).

Added Bonuses: In addition, there will be weekly life coaching articles that are optional to read. Each article will have a suggested assignment. Do the ones that resonate with you. Many clients will do every single assignment and others will skip the assignments or only do a few. It's totally up to you. Many of the assignments are fun, too!  

We will make sure you feel supported and energized as you work through the program and go for your goals. Being overhwhelmed isn't necessary so we'll keep a close eye on that and make sure the way you choose to do this program is balanced and ideal for YOU. 


Q:  Why do you drop people from the program if they don't check in at least 3 times a month?

A:  I (Kristin) started this program years ago and noticed that most people (85% of more) were focused and regularly checking in. However, there were always a handful of people I never heard from for various reasons. Since I care about my clients, I'd place a call or reach out to see what was up. If I didn't hear back, I'd remove them from the billing cycle and the entire program since I felt it was in their best interest not to waste money and it was in my best interest to focus on the rest of the group. I find it personally energizing to have a SOLID group of clients who are excited and engaged in the program. So, yes, I do drop clients. If we don't hear from you at least 2 times a month, you'll get a email or phone call asking "what's up".  I do know that people get sick and circumstances happen so we can absolutely work with you on that. If you want to remain in the program all year, simply stay in communication with me at least 2 times per month so I can coach you toward the results you want! It's a team effort. Communication is the KEY here. It's perfectly acceptable to check in with me to say "I'm struggling and didn't do much last week" report. In fact, I WANT to know that since it does happen. Allow me to coach you over the hurdle so you won't lose any momentum. That's what coaching is all about. 



Q:  Is there an option to do a single phone session with Kristin, as needed?

A:  Yes!  There will be an additional fee for this. A small percentage of clients schedule one call per quarter or one call for the year, as an added boost. Most clients do not require a personal coaching session with Kristin and get what they need from the other elements of the program. The option is there for you if you need it.  


Q:  My main goal is to change my career or find another job.  Is Inner Circle right for me?

A:  Possibly but probably not. Many people are unhappy with their job and it bleeds into their entire life. They "think" the solution is to simply make a career shift. I like to see my clients focus on non-work related goals before they overhaul their career since that's usually an easier solution and the grass isn't always greener somewhere else. For example, you may need to work on boundaries, ramping up hobby-time, strengthening personal relationships or better self-care no matter where you work!  When your life has more balance, your perspective about work can COMPLETELY change and the job you thought you hated becomes a job you appreciate.

In other cases, a client will tell me they are 100% certain it's time for a career shift. So,we'll begin coaching in the direction of finding their calling or work that reflects their passions. However, some of those clients aren't in touch with their passions since they've been SO focused on work for many years  If you don't know who you are and what you like, it's really hard to design a career around a passion. So, consider focusing on your LIFE and getting to know yourself a lot better. Inner Circle can help you with that!

If making a career change is your ONLY goal for the year - and you don't know what you want to do with your career - Inner Circle is not a good fit.  If you're thinking "hmmmm, this looks like a less expensive way to get Kristin's career coaching expertise or advice", Inner Circle is not a good fit since career transition is a very deep and broad topic. 

However, if you know the type of work you'd like to do and simply need a nudge or accountability, IC might be ideal for you!


Q:  My question isn't on this page!  Where can I get more info?

A:  I'd love to hear from you.  So, reach out right here and we'll get back with you right away.


Q:  I stumbled here and want to know more about KristinCoach and other programs or options.

A:  Welcome. Click through any pages of this website to learn more. Kristin Taliaferro is a Master Certified (top 1%) Life and Career Coach with 18 years of full-time coaching experience. 


Q: What have past participants in Inner Circle said about it?

A:  In addition to the testimonials on the course description page, here are more:

"I always wanted a personal coach but was never able to afford the personal sessions cost that was associated with it.  Email coaching was much more affordable, so that’s why I signed up.  Before then, I had been feeling ‘behind’ in life, like I should be much more ahead, and my procrastination was not helping.  Because of your program I am finally in line with my career goals, personal goals and living the life I want. I am ‘caught up’ and I feel I am where I am finally supposed to be. Just wanted to thank you…." - Paula Rose

"I'm proud that I had the courage to realize that all the discipline in the world doesn't matter if you don't have any focus, and that I finally got brave enough to get some assistance in turning potential into reality. I think you should know that it is a rare person indeed who can communicate, just over Web pages and e-mail, that she can be trusted with a person's hopes and dreams and fears and wishes (especially a person who is shy about confiding in others). And you did that, and that's why signed up. I am a big believer in the idea that we get our angels when we need them, and when we're ready to listen. So, thank you!" - Catherine

"Kristin, I am feeling so much more balanced since I have started this coaching. I usually spend so much energy giving to others, and I don't take enough time to nurture myself and those healthy habits that will help me to have more time and energy in the long run. I am finding that when I take time for myself, no one seems to bat an eye, and I am so much better for it! Thank you so much for reminding me that the world won't fall apart if I take some time for ME! I always felt like I couldn't afford to take the downtime, but I am finding that by doing this, I have so much more energy to devote to everything else!" - Leeann

"The amazing thing about this program and Kristin is that she helps you do so much more than you thought you could.  It’s a very cumulative process so that a lot of small steps add up to big progress.  I really get a lot out of the weekly challenges or questions of the week that really make you think and put all of the smaller things into perspective.  Kristin doesn’t have you do things just as an exercise.  There’s always a bigger picture in mind and it’s nice when it all fits together.  Kristin is great to work with and practice what she teaches."  Rob

"However, seriously, working with you has helped me so much more than I ever got out of therapy. They have a tendency to blame other people and enough already, get on with life! I feel really good about myself, like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I have worked out some better ways for me to get to my goals, eliminate negative situations and people and things are going well, AND I feel like I deserve them, no longer waiting for the other ‘shoe to drop’ so to speak. "  - Karen W.

"I can't even find the words to express the gratitude I feel for this opportunity that you have given me to get really clear about what I wanted and to clear away the barriers I had placed into my life that were holding me back from the life I truly wanted for myself." - Karen D.

"Coaching is helping me on many levels. I can see a shift in my priorities and how I even think about my day. There is an automatic weighing in that I gauge whether each decision is bringing me closer to my long term goals or farther away from it, and I can't thank you enough for that change in my  thinking. I think the biggest shift for me is that I am learning to let go of the perfectionistic voice. Coaching ROCKS! " - Sophia M.

"I started the year knowing there would be lots of changes but not sure exactly what they'd be. My marriage wasn't working, I had debt and felt scared and unsure. Kristin's Inner Circle Program was a God-send and kept me focused on living on a higher level versus curling up in a ball. I felt accountable all year for stepping up and moving through my divorce and financial losses with grace. I can honestly say I dealt with some of the greatest setbacks in anyone's life with a smile on my face. Kristin kept me moving forward each week without getting wrapped up in the losses behind me. I couldn't get to the computer fast enough to read her latest articles for the group or see read her personal emails for me. I also signed up for a handful of phone sessions with Kristin which were AWESOME and a nice boost. Looking back on the year, I feel proud of how I handled myself when most people I know would've been depressed or bitter. Not me. I accomplished a long list of goals and feel better than I have in a long time.  This year, I learned that life can feel easy no matter what's going on or crumbling around you." - Dawne

"Kristin is one of the most professional, compassionate and consistent people I've ever worked with.  But, what has really impressed me is how much she cares about her students.  I trust Kristin more than I trust others I've known for years." - Jack

"I've done several of Kristin's email programs.  ALL have helped me to focus on what was important at the time vs getting side-tracked on non-essentials. Kristin is a kind, compassionate, understanding guide whom I am grateful to have in my life. When my father passed, Kristin offered a single phone session and helped me sort thru the mental clutter. I will forever be thankful to her for helping me with that!" - Linda Ann

"Coaching worked for me because of the encouragement, accountability, and the totally new ideas that Kristin brought to the subject. I am able to step back from all the craziness at work—building my new life is much more important to me than all the politics and discouragement that is a daily part of my work life." - Leslie Berryman

"Every year on New Year’s Eve, I would write down a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish in the next year.  The list was neatly printed. I then stuck the list in the same drawer that contained lists from many other New Year’s Eves.  Many times the goals were exactly the same.  The problem —I never looked at the list until the next year. Out of sight, out of mind, is not the mantra of this program. This program has been an inspiration.  I am now focused on accomplishment, one baby step at a time." - Cynthia Ison

"Being a stay at home mom, making the most of the time alone, is super important.  Since I have been working with Kristin I am very clear and focused on what I am trying to be and want in my life.  The little time I have in my day is spent working toward the life I ultimately want and it feels great making small achievements and of course the big ones.  I am happy knowing that I know where I am going in my life!" - Jacqueline Teichart

"I have learned that it is not only about coaching but how you put it together. Kristin you have a gift and are great at what you do.  I have worked with a coach before and did not feel like I accomplished 1/4 as much as I have with you, and that was phone coaching which was much more expensive than this email program. I have accomplished so much this year and have taken leaps of faith that I am still sometimes very nervous about but know that they are necessary to grow." - Clivia