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"As your coach, I'll help you get very clear about what you want, team up with you each week to add focus and momentum and stay by your side until you get what you want."




A few distinctions about coaching to help you understand what it is and what it is not:

Coaching vs. Therapy:

Coaching works best for already successful people who have resolved past issues and are ready to go to the next level in their career, life or with a project.. A coach is very action oriented and asks you WHAT you are willing to do, WHEN will you do it and HOW will you get it done. A coach will hold you accountable. And, while deep, empathetic listening are central to both, coaching and therapy are quite different.

Coaching vs. Consulting:

ALL coaches are consultants but not all consultants are coaches. As a coach, I will sometimes advise a client but the focus is on challenging you to develop as a person and draw out your own INTERNAL WISDOM. I believe the answers lie within you and will not "tell you what to do" but will offer opinions if you want.

Coaching vs. Motivational seminars, tapes, etc.:

Coaches tend to be very motivated and inspired people however a coach is not someone to "outsource" your motivation. Coaching will develop you into a naturally passionate and motivated person who is pulled forward by an exciting and deeply fulfilling life. A coach will cheer you on like no one else can and simply working with one is MOTIVATING to most clients. While seminars are a great way to jump start, coaching is a more permanent and tailored way to build sustainable energy that comes from within.

Coaching vs. Your best Friend, Spouse or Boss:

Here's a biggie! Coaches are IMPARTIAL and are willing to risk the relationship to tell you the truth. That's our job. While a trusted friend or boss may be a good advisor or listener, oftentimes they are not totally honest with us if they feel the relationship may be jeopardized in any way. A coach is trained to listen for what's not being said and is totally focused on you while other relationships tend to be less focused. And a coach is not your boss. We don't want or need to be impressed. Just be honest with your coach and inspire us with the truth of what you are feeling, who you really are, and what you are actually doing. You will not be judged in any way and will never be made to feel wrong so use your coach as a SAFE person to air out ideas or get honest, supportive feedback...

Coaching vs. the "do it yourself" plan:

No one NEEDS a coach but almost anyone can benefit from having one. Partnering with another person is a great way to increase the energy around you and build momentum. For example, many entrepreneurs tend to be "lone rangers" and want to do everything for themselves but are oftentimes overwhelmed with all of their ideas. Coaching provides this person a way to GET PERSPECTIVE and gain focus and a coach will work with a client to put each idea into action through its successful completion. And, a coach will always keep an eye on maintaining balance in life. Ever tried to buff up at the gym by yourself? It gets boring and the effort tends to go in starts and stops. Hiring a personal trainer who knows the most direct route to a better body and who will develop a plan you'll want stay with consistently is leaps and bounds more effective for most people.Plus they can see when you are getting bored or losing steam and will change your routine to keep you moving forward. It's the same concept here and isn't it just way more fun to have a partner with you, your vision and goals as their total focus?

The Top 48 Things Coaching Clients "Want More or Less Of"

Get more done in less time
Get focused on what you most want to have
Simplify your life, responsibilities, projects
Automate systems for peak efficiency
Permanently eliminate inventory of to-do's
Reduce the shoulds, coulds, and oughtas's in life

Eliminate the hassles of life
Stop suffering, tolerating, waiting
Stop having problems (really!)
Calm down, eliminate adrenaline
Reduce stress
Get complete with past

Feel better emotionally and physically
Get your home, office, car in perfect order
Recognize and eliminate any hidden "life costs"
Establish a reserve of time, space, money, and love
Redesign eating and lifestyle habits
Get personal needs met

Become closer with others
Attract and deepen relationships with quality people
Become more intimate with family
Learn to enjoy people more
Know what you want for others

Make and keep more money
Start saving/investing 10-30% of income
Get a handle on spending, lifestyles, habits
Increase income by 20-200%
Handle debt, financial problems, crises
Stabilize cash flow

Develop a full, successful practice
Develop a strong reputation
Manage clients better
Increase sales and profitability
Eliminate high, hidden delivery costs

Communicate much more effectively
Say everything I need to; nothing withheld
Motivate others better
Respond better, in the moment
Be able to ask for more of what you want
Ask the right questions

Get on a path
Develop your spiritual side
Discover personal mission, vision
Reorient life around your values
Design a career path that inspires
Be internally peaceful

Have a successful Small Business
Start a new business
Increase profitability by 20-500%
Increase sales by 50-1000%
Develop a strategic and action plan
Strengthen the internal management/systems

Substantially Increase Quality of Life
Establish balance home, work, play
Have a whole lot more FUN
Increase personal standards
Strengthen community/ network

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